Kuvempu and Putina poems on Gandhi

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English translations of two Kannada poems on Mahatma Gandhi ,in  memory of ‘Gandhi Jayanthi’ (Birthday) on 2nd October.

Kuvempu (K.V.Puttappa:1904-1994) .Poem : ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ .

Translated into English by Chandrashekar B.

Published in ‘Selected Poems of Kuvempu’ .Chief Editor:D.Javare Gowda.Associated Editors:Pradhan Gurudatta and Karigowda Beechanahalli. Published by Prasaranga,Kannada University,Hampi;2011


Amidst the sacrificial smoke of this great battle  for  freedom

Burns a white blaze,steady and radiant,

Constant in Peace like the steadfast Himalaya

Shining under the deep blue vault of the sky.

He is indeed magnanimous ; at his rising

The power of piety,that shakes the world,

Took shape deep in man’s vision,

And by him has life on earth been  purified .

Oh,Mahatma, man’s cupidity ,pride and malice

Have been saved in the holy waters of your presence

And cleansed with love .You in auspicious moment

Came from the rich womb of Bharat , our mother

And to us ,whose trust in piety was flattering ,

You, Kalki in disguise , gave firm faith again.


PUTINA (Pu.Ti.Narasimhachar : 1905-1998 )

‘NERALU’ -poem in Kannada.

Translated into English as ‘The Shadow’ by D.A.Shankar

Published in ‘Krishna’s flute and other poems :Selected Kannada Poems of Pu.Ti.Narasimhachar(PuTiNa) ‘

Published by Sahitya Academy,New Delhi,2003.


There is an eagle flying high

In the sky.

And, down below, its shadow

Roams the earth.

To the eagle its will is its way

And to the shadow

All land, a  road.

Over plains and roof-tops,

Over lakes and ponds,

Over plants and trees and shrubs

Over valleys and hills

It moves without check.

In amazement the air watches

Its speed on land!

Who can hinder it in its path?

Tiredness it knows not,

Nor does it know rest:

It moves unhindered.

Seeing this ,I wonder:

Is Gandhi a shadow like this?

Does the brave one move

As bid by the will of god?


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