I saw the Orchids..

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I saw the Orchids and I brought you the Flowers- Now I brought the Pictures

Visited yesterday Thungersheim in Germany,a wonderful place about 15kms from Wurzburg.Foreign Scientists Uni-Wurzburg,arranged this nice courtesy excursion.We strolled along the narrow path in a botanical garden full of variety of ‘orchids.’So tender ,cute and charming as that of the kids in our group.I learnt much about orchids by the detailed scientific explanation given by Dr.Angelika Schartl.The panoramic view by the edge of the orchid garden is excellent.

Then we visited ‘Botanical Art Kurs'(Botanical Art Exhibition )at Thungersheim ,which is a very small village having a population of about 2000.It is a private art gallery maintained by a couple Michael and Sylvia.The gallery ‘Forum Botanische Kunst’ is the only gallery for Botanical Art in Germany.It is housed in a restored listed building , a typical winegrower’s house dating from the period of renaissance.Yesterday the exhibition theme was ‘ich bracht’dir Blumen'(I brought you flowers).

Flowers accompany our most important moments of life.They are given a tender gesture of sympathy ,sign of burning love or soften the woe of final parting.Four contemporary artists of Germany showed subtle portrayal of flowers.Goldsmith Gabriela Fink combines the elusive act of adorning oneself with small flowers with the solid value of noble metal.The bright red color of amaryllis flowers inspire Anette Koch to her powerful oil paintings ,they range from photorealism to abstract artwork.

Monika Meinhat’s fragile collages of crinkled photographs are suggestive of old time memories .She plays with grace of roses and lilies .Photographer and documentary film-maker Karsten Hein found morbid series of synthetic grave flowers on the cemetary island San Michele in Venice ,discovering they wither just like their sisters ,the real flowers. The orchid garden and art gallery in Thungersheim is less known to tourists ,for good.Only those who know about them only come again and again to get revitalised with nature.


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