‘India’ as an Identity symbol

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Indian Diaspora is all around the world It is complex and varied like ‘India’.People from nations neighboring India ,migrated to west ,also use ‘India ‘as their Identity symbol. ‘Indian Restaurant ‘is best example.Cultural difference,confluence,domination and confrontation -constitute multiculturalism.Passage of ‘India’ with its experiments of ‘Indianness’ should always be open for discussion and negotiation.

  • Srinivasa Rao P We were surprised to note that Indians and Pakistanis are bracketed as Indians in many American cities and towns.

  • Ba Viveka Rai YesShrinivasa Rao,I was in UK for 2 months in this summer .Most of Indian restaurants are of Bangladeshis and some of Pakistanis and Srilankns.Asians is nomenclature to encmpass Indian Diaspora also.

  • Padyana Ramachandra Namaskara

    It reminds me the terminology “Madrasi” used by North Indians for all people from Karnataka , Kerala, AP and Tamilnadu.




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