Vachanas of Allama Prabhu

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Translation of vachanas of Allama Prabhu, the saint poet of Veerashaiva tradition of Kannada literature of 12th Century.

Reference of the book already acknowledged in the post ‘Vachanas of Akkamahadevi’.’The Sign’,Kannada University ,Hampi,2007.

Translation of vachanas of Allama Prabhu ,by O.L.Nagabhushana Swamy.The introductory note quoted here is also from the the introduction by O.L.Nagabhushanaswamy.

“Allama represents the mystical and spiritual dimension of the vachana literature; paradox is the main mode of expression.Guheshwara literally means ‘God of the cave’,and its several variants form his ankita; in his vachanas ,Allama probes and explores the limits and possibilities of language and silence; wholeness of man ; nature of experience; forgetfulness and memory ;sign,signifier and signification.”

The mango tree and the koel

what relation between the two?

The berry on the hill top

and the salt at the sea

what relation between the two?

Guheshwaralinga and me

what relation between us ?


On a hill of embers

a pillar of lak

a swan sitting on the pillar

The pillar was burnt and

the swan flew away



The mother called anger comes forward

to pick up the baby called desire


if one can pick up the baby that has no such duality

he alone is the lingaikya (=union with ‘linga’)



Gold is maaya

they say gold is not maaya

Woman is maaya

they say

woman is not maaya

Earth is maaya

they say

earth is not maaya

The desire in the mind is maaya



Like the treasure hidden under the earth

like the lightning hidden behind the cloud

like the mirage hidden behind in the field

like the light hidden in the eye


your stance.


When it rains fire, one should be water

when it is deluge of water , one should be like air

when it is great deluge , one should be like the sky

when it is deluge of worlds , one should leave one’s self

and be the Guheshwara oneself.


When the mind conceived I saw

the hands becoming pregnant

the ears sipping the fragrance of camphor

the nose gulping the luster of the pearl

the eyes getting hungry and  swallowing the diamond

and saw the three worlds included in a sapphire



The body lacks something

I move about and around

The mind lacks something

I remember and yet remember

The feeling lacks something

I attempt to know and yet know

The word lacks something

I chatter and chatter

as Guheswaralinga doesn’t stay put in my mind.


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good 2 get touched by the verses of never ending heaven

Thank you.Allama is always an icon of our being and becoming.

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